Top Real Estate Social Media Accounts To Follow

Want to know how the best real estate agents use social media?

Below, we have compiled a list of the best social media accounts in the real estate industry from around the web. Whether you’re looking for industry data, home-buying tips, or lead-generation strategies, these real estate accounts have got you covered.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or have decades of experience - there’s something for everyone here.

Be sure to check out each featured post to really get a feel for their writing style. Our list is always expanding, so check back frequently!

  1. Bill Gassett | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Google+


Bill Gassett Realtor MassachusettsIf you’ve been around the social media scene for long, you’ve probably already heard of Bill. With nearly three decades of experience in real estate already, it doesn’t look like he’s stopping anytime soon! Thanks to his dedication for writing and sharing his expertise online, he’s developed a massive following and hundreds of thousands of monthly website visitors.

Bill has dominated the online real estate realm to the point where he can offer his clients an unprecedented amount of digital exposure.  He does this by making extensive use of nearly every social media platform available to real estate agents - you can find him on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest to name a few.

Photography comes standard these days, but few agents incorporate videography into their business like Bill.  If you want to see real estate video marketing done right, you should take a look at one of his sample videos.

To top it all off, he built a wildly popular website from the ground up: Maximum Real Estate Exposure.

By implementing a clever SEO strategy his website is now “ranking” in major search engines (like Google) for several local real estate searches.

Be sure to check out his blog for home buyer & seller information, real estate marketing tips, market data, and much more. Following him on one of his many social channels will ensure priority access to his newest content.

Agents, brokers, home buyers, sellers and investors can all learn a thing or two from Bill.


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  1. Kyle Hiscock | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Google+


Kyle Hiscock is the co-founder of The Hiscock Sold Team, along with his brother Keith Hiscock.

In addition to being a superstar agent, Kyle is the creator and writer of the Rochester Real Estate Blog - an excellent place for information if you’re looking to buy or sell a home.  Some of the best features on his site are the area guides which detail the communities, events, companies, institutions, and counties in the Greater Rochester region. Kyle has built a commanding social media presence that allows him to generate more business while simultaneously improving the level of service he can offer his clients.

He’s a great example for budding real estate agents to follow too!

Kyle is seriously dedicated to giving back and helping other agents foster, so much so that he started a community within Facebook to help spread helpful realty-centric content across the web.  You can visit the Real Estate Bloggers group on Facebook and ask to join for loads of actionable advice.


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  1. Anita Clark | LinkedIn | TwitterFacebook |Google+


Anita Clark Realtor GeorgiaAnita Clark has built up a sizable following on LinkedIn by providing value to those directly in her market. Anita’s local expertise makes her stand out from others in her neighborhood and helps to foster lots of new relationships. The content she shares is highly-targeted by nature, which is an excellent strategy for generating qualified real estate leads. It also happens to provide a ton of value to potential home buyers and sellers currently in the research phase!

Anita created the Warner Robins real estate & community information blog which highlights subdivisions, counties, market reports, and even foreclosures.

By making new connections through LinkedIn and curating content relevant to her community, Anita has been able to connect with thousands of people on an incredibly personal level. She is a great example of how to build relationships via blogging and how to stay active on social media.

If you’re in Georgia, be sure to reach out to Anita for professional guidance!


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  1. Kevin Vitali | LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+


Kevin Vitali has been a real estate agent with EXIT Realty since 2002. His experience prior to real estate includes entrepreneurship, having successfully built and sold a previous business in his market.  Furthermore, Kevin has extensive photography experience - allowing him to offer this as a niche service to sellers that choose to list with him.  

With such an extensive and varied background, he’s got exactly what it takes to represent buyers and sellers alike.

Kevin is based in Massachusetts and is yet another realty pro with a sizable social following. Take a look at his website: Merrimack Valley Real Estate and you’ll find a plethora of quality content.  A quick browse through these pages reveals the sort of dedication required to get to where he is today.


  1.  Wendy Weir | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Google+


Wendy Weir has 36 years of experience in the real estate industry - with 17 years as a Relocation Director and then a Relocation Specialist. She acquired the BHHS ‘Luxury Collection Specialist Certification’ establishing her ability to work with high end real estate properties across the U.S. and internationally.

She has built her Twitter following to an impressive count and is an excellent example of how to use the platform effectively.  Her Twitter feed showcases a vast amount of content that caters to buyers & sellers alike. Whether you’re looking into real estate, or hoping to relocate, Wendy’s got you covered.  

“I Love helping families whose parents may need to downsize, and they live in another state or country. This is where my relocation specialist position is of most benefit to my clients. With 17 years of experience in this Field (31 years total in real estate), I know the TOP AGENTS in many states and countries and research agents when I get people looking to assist their parents, other family or friend find the best realtor where they are located. They must be a full time listing specialist – to get a listing referral. They must have specific designation as a buyer’s specialist to get a referral buyer. Agents do not qualify if they have ever been; sued, brought to arbitration or even had a complaint made against them. I am very good at ‘vetting’ my agents and have relationships that go back 17 years.” - Wendy

She has listed, sold or referred over 7,000 clients in 31 years and is a goldmine of information and loves sharing with her Referral partners. New agents can learn a thing or two by following Wendy’s shining example.


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  1.  Ron Feir | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook


Ron Feir is the #1 ranked real estate agent by social media engagement according to Mondinion.  

Ron has taken brilliant advantage of his social presence by placing an emphasis on design, fine living, & travel. By covering such a wide (but strategic) set of topics, Ron is able to entice the most attractive clientele to reach out to him.

Ron proudly serves the Southern Nevada area and specializes in all property types.  Furthermore, he has significant experience in relocation. As a contributor to the Las Vegas Review Journal, he provides the latest in real estate news.  

Ron’s website showcases several neighborhoods in great detail.  Moreover, there are an incredible amount of articles dedicated to investing or relocating in Nevada.

His social media accounts are an excellent resource & inspiration for real estate professionals and consumers alike.


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  1. Dan Barcelon | LinkedIn | TwitterFacebook| Google+


A native of Southern California, Dan Barcelon is a Realtor in one of the most cutthroat markets out there.  You can read his heartfelt story about getting started in real estate after the tumultuous recession of 2008, and how it inspired him to do well by his clients.

Here’s Dan’s promise to his clients: “I’ll only be sharing with you the best information and knowledge I can find about making your home a better place to live, as well as all I know about buying, selling, and even investing in real estate.”  

His website: features loads of info and guest posts from around the web.  A large portion of his website is devoted to providing potential real estate investors with as much information as possible.

Follow Dan on one of his many social channels and be sure to check his site frequently for real estate news & information, you’ll be glad you did.


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  1. Jack Otto | LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+


Jack Otto knows the value of utilizing social media for real estate firsthand.  As the most popular real estate agent in Washington ranked by social media activity (according to Mondinion), he makes extensive use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, and his own blog.

Jack utilizes his social profiles to further assist his clients in listing their home, or by providing sound advice and information to would-be home buyers.

When he’s not selling homes he’s living his second life as a seaplane pilot - an activity in which he has received certification as an instructor.

  1. Isabel Otero | Twitter | Facebook


Isabel Otero has been involved in the real estate industry for over 16 years.  Her area of operations include Miami, Florida and Lima, Peru.  As a Peruvian Realtor, she has some unique capabilities that allow her to perform well in both markets.  

She created a Facebook business page and built up her LinkedIn account as a way to spread industry news and knowledge.  

Knowing full-well the value of networking in the digital age, Isabel’s social media reach allows her to drive interest for both her and her client’s listings.





  1. Tina Mcquaid | LinkedIn | Twitter


Investing in LinkedIn can pay off, and Tina A. Mcquaid knows this better than most.  She has used the platform to generate leads and build out her network on a large scale.  

Having lived and worked in her market since 1989, she has access to a wealth of information outsiders may not be privy to.  

Operating out of the heavily competitive Toronto area, Tina understands the level of dedication required to succeed.  If you’re in the GTA market you’d do well to follow her.





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  1.  Surge Realty | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Google+


Here at Surge, we curate content meant strictly for real estate agents, brokers, investors and developers looking to grow their digital reach. Our articles are either hand-picked, or written by real estate marketing experts in-house.  

We cover the latest in real estate tech, marketing, & automation to help the industry keep pace with the rapid technological change of today.  Our goal is simple: we strive to help you dominate the digital world.

Be sure to make use of our tools, such as the free SEO audit, to learn how you can generate real estate leads via search engines like Google.

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