Real Estate Open House Sign In Sheet: Free PDF For 2017


A good open house sign in sheet is hard to come by, but you don’t have to worry. . . we made some for you.

There are 3 free open house sign in sheets below, each can be easily customized with your own branding. Read on to learn how to get your sign in sheet completed and how to follow up with open house leads.

As you probably know, the key to an effective sign in sheet is collecting enough information without overwhelming your visitors.

The right sign in sheet can:

  • Grow your email list
  • Qualify home buyer leads
  • Ultimately, sell more homes


PRO TIP: None of this works if you aren’t actively nurturing your leads as well.


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Alternatively, you may wish to do away with the paper entirely.  If that’s the case, try Open Home Pro for an electronic open house sign in sheet app.

If you like keeping it “old-school” or prefer a combination of the two, then read on...

Open House Sign In Sheet Design

First you need to get a few design elements right.  Font, spacing, and layout all play critical roles here.

Our open house templates are professionally designed so you’re all set.

Feel free to add your logo to the template to make it your own. 

Basic Open House Sign In Sheet

basic open house sign in sheet mockup


  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address (+ email marketing agreement)


✓ Bonus: Portrait + Landscape Layout

Full Open House Sign In Sheet

open house sign in sheet template #2


  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address (+ email marketing agreement)
  • Home Address


Offer this if you intend on running direct-mail marketing campaigns.  Just keep in mind, you may experience more friction from open house visitors using this template.

If you’re still big into print marketing, you may want to read this article on digital vs. traditional real estate marketing.

✓ Bonus: Portrait + Landscape Layout

Open House Sign In Sheet + Questionnaire

open house sign in sheet template #3

This sign in sheet includes everything from the basic sheet plus a questionnaire.


  • Timeline for buying a home
  • Loan approval status
  • Desired property types
  • Property “must-haves”
  • Where they heard about the open house


The advantage here is that you’ll be privy to be much more information.  The obvious downside is that many visitors will simply refuse to fill the information out completely.

Read on to find out how to get open house visitors to fill out your sign in sheet.

✓ Bonus: Portrait + Landscape Layout


If you are looking to purchase customizable real estate templates and marketing materials check out this great online store, Real Estate Prints by Cornelius Camp! There is a wide variety of items to select from.

How to Get Your Open House Sign In Sheet Completed

A sign in sheet is useless if nobody fills it out.  We’ve provided some tips below on making sure your open house isn’t a waste of time.

 How To Get Your Open House Sign-In Sheet Completed


Make it visible

Ensure that the sign in sheet is as conspicuous as possible.  Ideally, it would be the first thing your open house visitors see.

Place it on a table that is closest to the front door and create a small sign pointing to the sheet.

Start filling it out

Fill out the first entry yourself.  This incentivizes your first visitor to do the same.

It only takes 30 seconds so what have you got to lose?

Give them a reason!

It’s tough asking for something when you’re offering nothing in return.  Sure, you’re at a listing sacrificing your time, but some attendees will need a more obvious incentive.

Give them a reason to fill out your open house sign in sheet by offering something in return!

Free home buyer/seller advice (i.e. consultations) and additional listings are solid go-to offers.

Professional design (We’ve got you covered)

Font, spacing, and layout are all taken into account (subconsciously) by your attendees.  

A simple, easy to read, and well-designed open house sign in sheet will naturally attract more buyer leads.

Our downloads have already been optimized for this exact purpose, so problem solved!

Ask them personally

By simply asking people you can increase the amount of contact information you obtain at your open houses.

It’s easiest to do this at the beginning, immediately following your thanking them for attending you should request that they fill out the sheet.

You’ll find that very few people blatantly refuse to do so, in which case you can move on to the next step.

Convince hesitant visitors

Most people will go along with it, but some attendees may prove stubborn.

Refer to your compelling offer and use your negotiation skills to convince those hesitant attendees.

It’s all about mindset, think of your open house as an arena to sharpen your skills.

How to Follow Up With Open House Leads

Nurturing your real estate leads is where the real work begins.

There are tons of strategies; from the traditional phone call to a real estate email marketing campaign.

The odds of your leads closing immediately are pretty slim, which is why you need to invest in building a relationship over the coming months.

So, how do you actively nurture several leads on a large scale?

Follow these steps:

1. Get a real estate CRM

If you aren’t using a real estate CRM then you’re seriously missing out.  It’s essential for tracking and nurturing several leads at once.

Give Hubspot a go for a free CRM solution.

A few more options:


Most offer free trials, so check around until you find one that you like.

2. Prioritize leads list

Now that you’re all set up with a CRM, you can organize your lead list.

Categorize your leads by the criteria laid out in your open house sign in sheet.

Since you’re using a CRM now, you can record whether or not you followed up with a particular lead.  This will prove incredibly useful for the coming steps.

3. Send a thank you

If you got an email address or mobile phone number, you should send a brief thank you to all of your open house attendants.

Make sure you record the message in your CRM and move the lead into the next stage of your sales funnel.

4. Respond to inquiries

You may have spoken with a few attendees that had specific inquiries.  If that’s the case, you should be responding to them when you send your thank you email.

This shows that you’re engaged and well-organized.

5. Show more listings

Don’t forget to offer more home viewings to your leads.  Of course, you want to make sure you fully understand what it is they are looking for, so prioritize getting to know their needs first.

6. Call them

You shouldn’t give up on the leads that don’t reply to your initial follow up emails.  Instead, you should give them a quick call.

People are incredibly busy these days, which means sometimes people intend to contact you but never get around to it.  Make sure you stay top of mind by being proactive and reaching out to them first.

7. Drip email marketing

Keep in touch by implementing a drip email marketing campaign.

This is a big one and requires careful planning but will prove to be one of your most profitable marketing methods.

How to create a real estate email marketing plan is a topic we’re currently writing about, so stay tuned!


automated real estate lead generationHow to Get More Real Estate Leads

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The most powerful of which is a combination of conversion rate optimization, SEO, and content marketing.

In fact, this tactic can generate 8.5x more clicks than a PPC campaign.1

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