June 30, 2017

Real Estate Lead Generation Campaigns

The Most Effective Way To Generate Real Estate Leads Online

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The Modern Way To Grow Your Real Estate Business

1. Dominate Your Market

We cultivate leads where it matters most to you. Get found online and grow your real estate business today!

Dominate Your Neighbourhood

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  Show Up In Google Search

Our real estate SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - a digital marketing method that involves maximizing the number of visitors to a website by ensuring the site remains high in the search engine results pages.
experts work their magic to increase your organic search rankings
Organic Search Rankings - listings on search engine results pages (SERPs) that appear because of their relevance to the user’s search query rather than a paid advertisement.
, so your information shows up more on Google.

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  Generate Buyer & Seller Leads

Target home buyers & sellers individually, and start building lasting relationships.

  Get More For Less

On average, businesses with blogs generate 68% more leads than those without.

2. Fully Managed Lead Generation

Our lead generation campaigns are fully managed by professionals so your experience is entirely hands-free.  We don't just sell you the tools, we do the work for you.

  Managed By Experts

Get access to your own team of professional real estate writers, graphic artists & marketing specialists for a fraction of the cost of an employee.

  Designed To Fit Your Goals

Custom solutions tailored to your real estate business.  We track and analyze results in order to meet and exceed your growth goals.

  Customized Content

The content we build is entirely yours and won’t exist anywhere else online! You become the benefactor of engaging content that drives targeted traffic to your website. Your competitors can’t possibly keep up.

  Owned By You

Every piece of content we create is yours and yours alone. Whether it’s an infographic, article, or guide, you own the final product.

3. Superior Results

Don't waste your time and money on pricey pay-per clickPay-Per Click (PPC) - a digital advertising method by which you must pay for each “click” on your ad. Most advertisers must pay either per each click or per 1000 ad impressions. advertisements. We use content marketing & SEO strategies that generate superior results for less.

organic lead generation superior to ppc

  Long-Term ROI

Unlike digital ads, content remains on the web until you take it down. The great thing about content marketing is that your initial investment can pay off for years to come. You don’t get that with PPC.

  Cost Effective

Reach more people in more places. Your budget goes further with our lead generation campaigns.

  No Contracts

You get absolute freedom with our one-time solutions. There are no long-term contracts or monthly obligations, just use us when you need us.

It’s Easy to Start Generating Real Estate Leads

Just tell us a bit about your business and your goals.

1. Talk To Us

Tell us about your location, preferred property types, commercial vs. residential, website address, etc. You select the number of words and infographics that are right for you.

2. We Strategize

Our real estate lead generation team performs a robust analysis & determines the best strategy for your goals. We then analyze your competition to find hidden opportunities.

3. We Build

Professional writers & graphic designers craft you an unbeatable piece of content. They work in tandem with our real estate SEO pros to capture organic search traffic.

4. We Promote

Content promotion specialists spread your content like wildfire across the web, driving targeted and verified real estate leads to your website.

5. Check Your Status

We update you with the status of your campaign and provide insights as to how results can be improved upon even further.

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The Benefits Of Showing Up In Google Search

1. Long-Term Return On Investment

Digital ads, billboards, & direct mail all require monthly payments in order to be successful.

The content we write for you stays visible well after your one-time investment.

There are plenty of websites generating leads from articles written 2+ years ago.

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long term return on investment

surge real estate brand awareness character

2. Better Results

It may be easier to pay for ads than it is to improve your search visibility in Google, but building your organic presence can blow digital advertising out of the water.

Organic results receive, on average, 8.5x the clicks than paid results receive.

3. Cost Effective

PPC ads force you to pay for each click or impression to your website. SEO allows you to receive an unlimited amount of clicks for free. Stop paying for clicks and start seeing results.

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4. Less Competition

In fact, 87% of digital ad dollars are spent on PPC whereas only 11% are spent on SEO.

With far less competition, your marketing budget goes further.

Contact us and we'll analyze the competition in your market and show you exactly how many people are searching for your services online.

5. Total Freedom

We don’t force you into monthly subscriptions or contracts.

You can purchase one-time real estate marketing campaigns and grow when you're ready.

View our real estate marketing services & pricing here.

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search results for real estate

SEO For Real Estate Professionals

The Basics of SEO

We Do Marketing A Little Differently

We grow your business by making your website visible in major search engines like Google & Bing. This is done by creating content (such as articles, infographics, etc.) and promoting them across the web.

The Goal:

Improve your visibility online and form trusting new relationships by addressing concerns and adding value.

What Is SEO

Did you know, 98% of home buyers start their search online?


We analyze your competitors and research keywords that home buyers & sellers use in your area. This allows us to formulate a strategy.

buyer and seller internet search


Real estate marketing pros build SEO-friendly articles & graphics based on information gleaned from the research phase.

Create Real Estate Specific Content


Our team reaches out to industry influencers, publications, blogs & more to promote your content across the web.

send targeted leads to your website


Your website begins to appear in search engines and begins to generate targeted buyer & seller leads. We track your organic rankings and make improvements.

collect real estate leads

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They handled everything. I consider myself an intermediate techy, but this stuff was over my head. They spoke to me in language I could understand and then they fully managed the process. This was key to me they understood my vision and executed it perfectly."

Susans testimonial
- Susan S.

They were always available to answer my many questions and put my fears to rest, I’m pleased to recommend them to anyone!"

client testimonial liisa
- Liisa A.

" Excellent...for RE agents trying to expand through marketing. I’m looking forward to seeing further development."

client testimonial taylor
- Taylor

How long does my order take to complete?

A: The keyword research and content creation phase generally takes 1-2 weeks.  The content promotion phase can take an additional 2 weeks for a total project delivery timeline of 4 weeks.

What if I don’t like the content you build?

A: You can request amendments to your content by reaching out to our team which is available 7 days a week.  We’ll make the changes you desire, but we’ll also make sure that these changes are done in your best interest.  Our edits only take a few days, but sometimes it’s better to just trust the pros.

Do you add the content to my site or do I have to do that?

A: If you have a WordPress site and have access to your sites backend, then we can format the content for your website for an additional fee.  If you are using a different CMS but still have access to your backend, we may be able to do the same.  Otherwise, we will send you the content in an online Word document format.

Can I give you content topic ideas?

A: Absolutely!  A creative brief is certainly appreciated, but we’ve analyzed thousands of real estate lead generation campaigns so we can give you a good idea of what works and what doesn’t already.

Does this mean I shouldn’t use PPC?

A: Not necessarily, PPC is a quick-response type tactic that is good to bolster your campaign quickly, but not in perpetuity. The problem is most people rely on PPC almost entirely when the core of their marketing strategy should be SEO & content based instead.

What exactly do you do?

A: We are content marketing and SEO specialists. We create real estate marketing campaigns for agents & brokers by creating content (articles, infographics, etc.) and promoting it. Additionally, we optimize our content to help your website rank in the major search engines like Google and Bing.

What if I want to use you on a recurring basis? Are there discounts?

A: If you would like to receive lead gen campaigns on a recurring basis, or have a larger project in mind, you can contact us at info@surgerealtysolutions.com. We do provide discounts on larger projects.

What separates you from your competitors?

A: Our competition focuses almost entirely on lead generation via paid advertisements. We get superior results by utilizing SEO for real estate. You can learn more about what makes SEO superior to PPC here.

Do I own the content your company creates?

A: Absolutely, you own everything after our professional team builds it for you.

Do I need to sign a contract?

A: Nope! You can also purchase one-time solutions instead of subscribing for monthly services.



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