Top 100+ Ways To Generate Real Estate Leads In 2017 And Beyond

Ways to generate real estate leads

How To Generate Real Estate Leads

Generating real estate leads doesn't need to be rocket science.  If you're racking your brain for ways to get them, then look no further.

We’ve laid out 100+ proven methods for getting them.

Be sure to bookmark this page for reference if you ever need to come back.  And don’t forget to download the free PDF version.

  1. Paid Ads
  2. Social Media
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Web Design
  6. Other

Paid Ads for Real Estate

1. Google Ads

AdWords is an awesome platform to advertise with due to “user intent”.  User intent refers to the fact that your ad won’t trigger unless the searcher plugs in a particular term.

If you type “real estate agents” into Google you (should) only see ads for real estate agents.

This limits the risk of advertising to non-qualified leads, which is in stark contrast to traditional marketing.  Advertising on a billboard requires you to pay for foot traffic regardless of desire to buy or sell a home.

toronto real esate agent seo search results


2. Yelp Ads

yelp ads for real estate leads

Yelp Ads can be utilized after you create a Yelp business listing. Yelp offers a $300 ad credit for new accounts, which is an awesome, low-risk method of real estate advertising.  Flesh out your profile as best you can and A/B test your ad copy to make incremental improvements.

3. Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo still gets billions of searches so it’s definitely worth a shot.  You can often get cheaper traffic from Yahoo (and Bing) because there are less competitors when compared with Google’s AdWords platform.  

The platform is very similar to Google’s and you can even import your pre-existing AdWords campaign straight into Yahoo Gemini.  

4. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a versatile marketing tool for residential Realtors®.  

If you live in the US you can gain access to some incredibly insightful targeting parameters.  

How to get real estate leads with facebook ads

Targeting parameters include: income, family size, profession, age, marital status, etc.

You can even target newlyweds and couples that have recently had a child.

Unfortunately, if you live outside of the USA you may not have access to this much information.  You can still make do by performing your own demographic research.  Learn how in this previous post.

5. Free Ad Coupons

Best way to generate real estate leads for free

Plenty of ad platforms offer a free coupon just for opening an account.  In fact, you can pretty easily rack up $500 or more in credit for real estate advertising.

Yahoo’s Gemini, Google’s AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yelp Ads all offer a hefty ad credit.  

Here’s a larger list of ad credits by country.


6. Remarketing

Stay top of mind with a remarketing campaign.  

Remarketing allows you to target users who have previously visited your website.  This is done by using a “cookie” that tracks the user while they browse elsewhere.  Your advertisements may appear on hundreds or thousands of other sites.

generate leads with a remarketing campaign

It’s very useful to run a real estate remarketing campaign because it appears that you have a larger budget than you actually do.

For obvious reasons, potential home sellers love remarketing campaigns.

Here’s a step-by-step remarketing guide by Neil Patel, a legendary internet marketer.

7. Craigslist & Kijiji

It’s generally free to post your first few listings on Craigslist & Kijiji.

If you’re posting in high volumes then you’ll need to pay per listing.  However, this can still be a very effective way to generate real estate leads.

Just do yourself a favor and NEVER add a listing without photos.

Kijiji ad for lead generation

You get bonus points for adding video.     


You have to pay a fee with or in order to list with them, but many agents find this to be a non-negotiable expense. - 55 million unique monthly visitors

9. Zillow & Trulia

These sites are similar to and in that they require you to pay a monthly subscription fee to show your listings online.

Keep in mind, Zillow owns Trulia and combined they exceed the monthly traffic count of

How to get real estate leads with online profile

How to get real estate leads with online profile

Some people have found great success with these platforms, while others have a less-than-perfect evidenced by this forum.

10. Display Ad Networks

Display ad networks can show your property advertisements across thousands of sites.  

Usually this takes place in the form of banner advertisements.

They can be an excellent method of getting real estate leads.  Just be careful in choosing your display network.

Here are a few reputable networks:

11. Business Directories

This will earn you even more backlinks (which helps your site rank in Google), and can often earn you free traffic.

Some directories are free while others are paid.

Business directories for Realtors® include:

Don’t forget to search locally either.  HubSpot has a huge list of 50 online directories.

Social Media for Real Estate



12. LinkedIn

A LinkedIn profile can reap huge rewards for commercial Realtors®.

Just make sure you’re using the platform the right way.

Don’t spam the groups.  Instead, answer people’s questions and provide valuable advice.

The more you can truly assist others; the better your chances of landing a new listing.

In fact, that’s a statement that remains true regardless of the platform.

You should take a look at Grant Cardone’s profile for an excellent example of how to properly utilize LinkedIn for generating real estate leads.

13. Facebook

Another way to reach out to your target audience on the cheap.  Facebook is suited to residential Realtors®, for obvious reasons.

Real estate professionals on social media

The same rules apply to Facebook as they do with LinkedIn.

Don’t spam groups, don’t constantly advertise yourself, do offer genuine help.

Post your best content on a consistent basis and don’t be afraid to re-post older content.

Also, create a Facebook business page if you haven’t already done so.

14. Facebook Groups

Starting your own Facebook Group can be highly profitable.

Yes, you will have to grow your group from the ground up.  But, you’ll also have the advantage of being the group owner and can curate group content as much as you want.

Create a real estate group on facebook

How to generate real estate leads with facebook

15. Social Automation

There are plenty of tools like Hootsuite & Buffer to assist you with this.

By implementing an automated posting schedule you can get double the shares from the same piece of content.

automated lead generation

16. Reddit

Reddit is a massive online forum that almost certainly has a related Subreddit in your area.

A Subreddit is a forum within Reddit.

How to get real estate leads from forums

Browse related subreddits and look for questions to answer.

Don’t directly promote yourself because Reddit users will sniff you out very quickly.  

Redditors can be a little rough too so it’s not a great strategy for people with thin skin.

17. Quora

Quora is a question and answer site that has been gaining in popularity.  

It already has 190 million monthly users and several real estate groups.  These groups are fantastic places to showcase your knowledge and help potential clients.

Check out the number of questions and followers for different real estate groups below.

Using Quora to generate real estate leads

18. Twitter

Twitter is awesome.  If you consistently create real estate content you can share it easily.  

It’s also an effective method of reaching out to industry influencers: these are people with large social followings within your niche.

Sometimes you’ll get no response via email, but if you tweet them you can more than double your odds.

Share your best infographics, articles, and reports with them.  You can get quite a few real estate leads this way.

19. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to market your featured listings.  

Professional home photography and a Pinterest account go together quite well.

Over 150 million people visit Pinterest, a large portion of which are millennials.

"150+ million active users finding ideas on Pinterest"1

Millennials happen to be the largest segment of first-time home buyers, so the platform has a lot going for it.  

20. Instagram

Similar to Pinterest.  If you want to capture the millennial market then you need to be on Instagram.  

Again, make sure you upload the best photos available to you and watch your account grow.

You don’t have to rely on home-photography though; real estate infographics perform quite well too.

Real estate agents on instagram

21. YouTube

YouTube is a smart investment for any real estate professional.  

It’s massive too, with over a billion users.  And it doesn’t just cater to millennials.

"YouTube is the top video research destination for home shoppers"2

You can capitalize on this growing trend by investing in your YouTube presence now.

As a matter of fact, real estate listings that include video receive 403% more inquiries than those which do not.

22. Polls

This method will help you grow your social media channels at a rapid pace.

People love to participate, and you can facilitate that love by creating polls or quizzes.

For example, you could arrange a collection of bedroom renovations and ask your followers to vote for their favorites.  

Google Forms & Facebook both have easy to use form builders.

Social Media Polls for Lead Generation

23. Republishing

republish social media postsRepublishing is finding existing content and repurposing or refurbishing it.  You can make outdated content relevant again by republishing it.

You have to make sure you get permission before you republish anything, but it can be a useful method for driving lots of traffic without having to write a real estate blog post from scratch.

Here’s yet another Neil Patel guide to republishing content.



24. Yelp

A Yelp profile is another great place to list yourself and helps with local SEO too.  

If you want to take advantage of their $300 ad credit you’ll have to create an account anyways.  

The best thing a realty professional can do is flesh out their profile with photos, information, and CTA’s.

From there, it comes down to your website’s ability to convert real estate leads into clients.

25. Google My Business

A Google My Business listing helps optimize your real estate website, and is another signal Google looks for when ranking your web pages organically.  

Real estate agents can create a personal business listing while real estate brokers can list their entire office.

26. Google+

Google+ is rising in popularity, and it's a great place to connect with potential clients.  While the user base may be smaller than Facebook’s, there is much less competition.

This makes connecting with prospects a lot easier.

Like all social platforms, Google+ can generate real estate leads if you invest a little time into helping the community.

Search for real estate communities on Google+ here.

automated real estate lead generation

Content Marketing for Real Estate

27. Great Content

Hands down, content marketing will generate more real estate leads for your business than any other tactic listed here.  

"Companies that blogged 11+ times per month got more than 4X as many leads than those that blog only 4-5 times per month"3

Take a look at the top ranking pages for the search terms you’re targeting.  There’s a straightforward way to take their organic ranking.

You just have to create better content.  Make it longer, more detailed, more informative.  Anything you can do to gain an edge.

Bill Gassett is a legend in this regard, just take a look at the value he offers on his blog.

See how we're using a combination of content marketing & SEO to generate real estate professionals ultra targeted leads. Learn More.

28. Guest Posting

If you have a real estate blog then you have to try guest posting, especially when you’re just starting out.  

Guest posting can expose you to thousands.

Try these Google searches to find real estate blogs accepting guest posts:

“Real estate blog” + “Write for us”
“Real estate blogs” + “Guest Posts”
“Real estate” + “Submit Article”

29. Specialization

specialize in a property typeBeyond additional services, you can specialize in a particular market or property type.  

In the client’s eyes this can mean a lot.

Your clients want the best, and a focus on niche specializations is an excellent way to accomplish this.



30. Local Blogs

real estate workshops to generate leadsAnita Clark, a long-time Warner Robins GA real estate expert, says "one of the easiest ways to attract and keep local consumers on your site is to provide key demographics about the city/community."

Anita is right, potential real estate buyers and sellers often look for key statistics online before committing to join the local real estate market. Most often, they are looking for a local blog that features quality content, IDX, and helpful information.

If you don't have a personal blog yet, reach out to an already established one. A lot of city-focused blogs have dedicated realty sections. These are prime for driving real estate leads to your site.

Find a few blogs and ask them if they would be interested in publishing your content. You can expect a 20% response rate if you really offer some great content.

31. Local Papers

Publish real estate topics in a local paper

There are tons of local newspapers with their own websites.  Most people simply advertise in the paper.  

Instead, you could ask about creating content for their website, and earn local backlinks in the process.




32. Slideshare

Slideshare is a site that allows you to promote your slideshow presentations.

The platform can drive a lot of real estate leads to your site, and allows you to showcase your expertise throughout the process.

Sometimes, your Slideshare presentation will rank on the first page of Google (depending on SEO competition) when your own site cannot.

It’s definitely worth giving Slideshare a shot.

33. Local Forums

There are loads of real estate forums out there.  

A simple Google search should yield results...

But if you’re having trouble you can utilize a few Google search operators.

Type into the Google search bar: “Forum” + “(Your City/Town) Real Estate” and you’ll find every forum in the area.

Google search terms for real estate forums

34. Infographics

Your content will perform a lot better with some real estate infographics.  

Local market data assembled into an easily-digestible format is a safe bet.  Step-by-step charts work well too.

35. Housing Reports

Housing report lead generation opt-in



Housing reports are timely pieces of content, so strive to get these done on a monthly basis.






36. Amazon eBooks

You’re going to be writing a LOT of content (unless you plan on hiring), so make the most of it.  

Take your best performing content and re-purpose it into an eBook.  

Now, sell your eBook on Amazon or give it away for free.  

Giving away free resources is an excellent way to build credibility and position yourself as an authority figure in the industry, which is exactly what Brandon Turner has done.

37. Webinars

Real estate webinar

A webinar is an awesome way to connect with several real estate leads at the same time.  

GoToMeeting, Google+ Hangouts, & Skype are popular choices.

Elegant Themes put together a list of the 15 best webinar softwares available.

Structure your webinar around a particular subject, like home-flipping, and design a killer presentation.  

Promote your webinar across your social media accounts, groups, forums, blog, email list, and even paid ads.

You should land a few clients by the end of it.

38. Real Estate Magazines

If you find a good magazine that is hiring part time writers you can drive a significant amount of real estate leads your way.  

Realtor Mag & Real Estate Magazine will be harder to land a spot with when you’re just starting.

Try writing for smaller magazines with a local or industry-specific focus first.

Your past contributions can be used as a portfolio of sorts while seeking out more lucrative writing gigs.

39. Video Marketing

Video marketing for real estate is the next big thing.

It’s not all about YouTube either.

"70% of home buyers look for a video either on a website, Facebook or YouTube"4

You can utilize video marketing with Facebook, Periscope, Vimeo, Vine, & more.

Don’t forget to embed videos within your website as well.

You can find some great real estate video marketing ideas here.

40. Giveaways

Lead generation giveaway offerA giveaway is one of the easiest things to promote across the web because everyone loves free stuff.  

But you might be wondering what you could possibly give away as an agent or broker.  

Information is your best bet.

Give away market reports or a free consultation.

Turn these standard offers into a “limited-time only” offer and you’ll see an increased level of the real estate leads you can generate.

41. Backlinking

Backlinks fall under the category of off-page SEO.

In a nutshell, backlinks are links from third-party websites that point back to your own.  

SEO for real estate agents

You may not know this, but backlinks are widely considered to be the most important ranking factor in Google’s eyes.  

If you’re looking for organic, targeted real estate leads, you have to prioritize backlinking.  

42. Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors can be a lucrative market to target.

Create content that targets real estate investors and they will undoubtedly find you.  This will take a lot of persistence but can really pay off in the end.

Seth Williams of has been wildly successful with this.

43. Update Old Content

After a while you’re going to have outdated content.  Don’t let it sit there and die!  

Instead, you can update your content for increased relevancy, and then resubmit your sitemap.  

This signals to Google that your site is active and constantly updated which helps with your website with search engine optimization.

44. Real Estate Courses

Real estate courses for more leads

In order to do this you’ll need some specialized skills.  

Most agents possess an ancillary skill, and if you don’t you can always learn one. 

The more technical the better.  The goal is to provide as much knowledge as possible.

They’ll come to learn, but they’ll stay to convert.

45. Udemy

Don’t forget to add your real estate courses to Udemy, which is an online education platform.

Udemy surpassed 10 million users last year.

Look for the top sellers, you want to replicate subjects that you know will sell.  Take a look at their reviews and decide on what can be improved.

Now you won’t waste your time designing a course nobody wants.

Email Marketing for Real Estate

46. Email Lists

This is a big one, a really big one.  email marketing for realtors

Your email list should be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.  

Email marketing is crucial to your ability to generate real estate leads because it allows you to build long-lasting relationships en masse.

47. Lead Magnets

These are essential to growing your email list.

Lead magnets are used to capture a user’s contact information.  They can be reports, guides, or other information a real estate lead may find useful.

Some examples below:

The best way to generate leads for real estate

48. e-Newsletters

You probably send out a newsletter in print format each month.  That’s great, you just have to turn it into an e-newsletter.  

Push it out to your email list, social channels, blog, etc.

You could even convert it into a lead magnet for home buyers or sellers.

49. Electronic Flyers

Electronic real estate flyers work a lot like traditional print flyers, with one big difference: the electronic version is infinitely more scaleable.   

By this I mean you don’t have to pay for each e-flyer sent, which is not the case with print marketing.

Dole your e-flyers out to your social media followers, your email list, across your website, and relevant online groups & forums to generate some seriously qualified real estate leads.

50. CRM Software

While this is technically not a way to get real estate leads, it is a way to manage and nurture those leads, which is an incredibly vital part of the real estate sales process.  

Popular CRM for Realtors include: Hubspot, Salesforce, Placester, & Pipedrive.

real estate software

automated real estate lead generation

Web Design for Real Estate

51. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO for real estate agents

This is an absolute must. If you have a real estate site (and especially if you create content) you need to perform on-page search engine optimization. Otherwise, nearly all of your efforts will be for naught.

Most people don’t realize that Google does not recognize your website before it has been indexed, learn how to do that here.

Yoast SEO for WordPress will help a lot with everything on-page SEO related.

Click here to have one of our professionals complete a full SEO audit & analysis of your website, free! You will also receive a 'next-steps' checklist to complete for improved ranking.

52. Conversion Optimization

Another hugely important tactic that every site owner needs to perform on a consistent basis.

Use Unbounce for A/B testing and aim to make small changes weekly and larger updates monthly.

A heatmap is another software tool for Realtors that can help generate real estate leads immensely. Heatmaps like Crazy Egg allow you to track your user’s mouse movements in order to make more-informed design decisions.

Over the long haul you can easily double or even triple your conversion rate.

53. Mobile Optimization

If you haven’t performed any mobile optimization then you could be losing out big time.

"72% of home buyers used a mobile or tablet search device"5

You need to submit a mobile sitemap and design your website with mobile in mind.
Here’s a great piece from Contactually on mobile trends for real estate agents.

54. Chat Functionality

Adding chat functionality to your real estate site can increase the number of visitors that contact you.

It doesn’t take long to implement either. Check out all of the chat plugins for WordPress.

Bosley Real Estate has added chat functionality to their site; it’s a growing trend among agents & brokerages.

Try to reply as quickly as possible. Some plugins allow you to reply from your smartphone in real-time.

55. Contact Information

It happens all too often. Your contact information is not clearly visible, which is a no-no in the world of conversion optimization.

what website leads want to see

I understand that many agents & brokers want to protect their contact information for fear of spamming, but there are alternatives that won’t negatively impact the user’s experience of your site.

Try installing one of these instead.

56. Great Photos

It drives people nuts when they see property listings without photos. As a real estate agent you need to do everything in your power to acquire them.

They don’t have to be professional-grade but it certainly helps.

As long as your images are HD and have been compressed for site speed, you’re good to go.

57. Hire a Photographer

If you can afford to do so, you should hire a professional home photographer.

“The most important website feature is photos for 9 in 10 buyers under the age of 62”6

Try to find someone that also offers home-staging as a service.

It can make all the difference and generate many more inquiries than listings without professional photos.

58. Popup Windows

It’s a great way to capture real estate leads that would have been lost otherwise.

Popup windows are an additional method of collecting an email address. Here are some popup plugins for WordPress.

The key is crafting an irresistible offer that no sane user would want to pass up. A/B test until you figure out what resonates best with your audience.

59. Embed Videos

Like we previously mentioned, video marketing is getting bigger for agents.

"72% of consumers make a purchase decision based off a company video"7

You don’t need expensive equipment to get started. Most people’s smartphones can provide an adequate enough video in the early days.

Remember though, it's wise to invest in professional equipment when you can afford to do so.

60. Customer Portals

A customer portal is a great way to create loyalty among your audience.

However, your content will need to be good enough to entice your users into joining.

But, once you figure it out you'll have yet another way to get real estate leads.

62. 360° Home Tour

virtual home tour for lead generation

A virtual home tour can be a huge differentiator.
In fact, listings with virtual home tours generate 87% more views than listings without them.

63. WalkScore

Here’s a simple plugin that can be installed in a few minutes and will provide your users with a WalkScore. This comes in handy for urban areas where residents tend to take public transit or walk to work.

real estate websites with walk score

64. Local SEO

local seo for real estate agentsLocal optimization is critical for new agents & established brokers alike.

In fact, this is one of the first things we do when our real estate marketing company takes on new clients.

Tools like Google’s keyword planner and SEMRush will help you find the local keywords worth ranking for.

65. Google Analytics

analyze your real estate website traffic

While this won’t directly generate real estate leads, it will provide you with some incredible insight, and reveal hidden opportunities.

With Google Analytics you can view the real estate search terms that you are currently ranking for and come up with new long-tail variations of those keywords.
Going forward, you can use this information to capitalize on hidden gems that your competitors have been missing.

66. Featured Listings

If you have a listing that you’re really excited about, or intend to market additionally, you should create a featured listing on your website.

You can place the featured listing on your homepage and neighborhood overview pages.

Paul Kaplan shows featured listings on his homepage, and you should too.

67. Comments Section

Adding a comment section to your real estate blog is an awesome way to continue the conversation and build a relationship with your most engaged readers.

You should reply to every single comment, read this to find out why.

If you’re using WordPress simply navigate to the Settings>Discussion tab and check the following:

Real estate wordpress website

68. IDX & DDF Plugins

This is a must-have for most Realtors. You should expect to pay roughly $1,000+ for a yearly subscription, but you’ll make a positive return on your investment rather quickly.

The more popular options are:

69. WordPress Plugins

If you haven’t already, you should convert your site to WordPress. With WordPress you gain access to endless amounts of customization, plugins, widgets, and control.

They range from the simple mortgage calculator plugin to the more advanced IDX plugins. You also get access to Yoast SEO which I mentioned before and is incredibly useful for targeting local real estate leads.

Navigate to your Plugins tab and select “Add New.” Search for Yoast SEO and click “Install Now.”

Real estate wordpress plugin

70. Click To Call

A little known feature that helps you capitalize on all that mobile traffic. A click to call button allows users to call you just by clicking a button (usually your phone number) on your site.

Here are some click to call plugins for WordPress.

71. Social Logins

Adding a social login plugin to your real estate site makes it much easier for visitors to follow you.

Sometimes people don’t want to hand their email address over to you, but would be more than willing to login with Facebook.

It's a simple solution, but one that can generate a surprising amount of real estate leads.

Other Ways to Get Real Estate Leads

72. Work With Appraisers

Appraisers and home inspectors work in the same industry as you but can’t provide the same service.  

It’s definitely worth a phone call to see if they know of any qualified real estate leads.  

It’s common practice to offer a referral fee, and you should refer business their way too.

73. Speak at a Conference

speak at a real estate conference

Daryl King is famous for this.  He speaks at all of the major real estate conferences and has built a massive network as a result.  You can be sure that he’s flush with leads.

74. Sales Funnels

You can design a real estate sales funnel in a near-limitless number of ways.  It is the path your users will take from visiting your website to signing a contract.  

Here’s an infographic that will help you design your own real estate funnel:   

content marketing for real estate agents

75. Get on the radio

You can tackle this a couple ways.  

The first method is to purchase ad space on-air and is rather generic.

The second strategy is to land an interview or host your own mini-show.  Real estate is a hot topic in most markets so it might not be as hard as you think!  

The second method, while more difficult, can pay dividends in the long run.

76. Team Sponsorship

Sponsoring a local sports team gets your name out there and earns you brownie points.

It might be a little expensive if you’re just starting out, but you can always look for partners.

77. Get On TV

This one sounds a lot harder than it actually is.

There are quite a few locally run TV shows that try to replicate all of the big HGTV hits. More often than not, you can arrange an audition and have a chance to get on TV.

For example: Rogers TV has a show based in Toronto called “Top Million Dollar Agent”.  Steve Bailey, Mike Donia, Sofie Kehdi, Daryl King, & Inez Kudryk have all landed roles on the program.

78. Workshops

Think of this like an offline version of a webinar.

You can arrange an in-person workshop and train interested individuals in investing, renovating, house-flipping, etc.

When they go act on your teachings they’ll bring deals to you first.

79. Fundraisers

Start a fundraiser in your area for a good cause.  You might even get featured on the local news.

But beyond that, it nets you good real estate leads and good karma.

That’s a “win-win” in my book.

80. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is similar to Meetup.

You can use the platform to find events in your area.

Alternatively, you can create your own event and sell tickets through Eventbrite.  Combining the workshop idea (#78) with Eventbrite can be incredibly powerful.

81. Green Initiatives

green initiatives Millennials will love you for this, and so will the planet.

Arrange green initiatives like a local cleanup crew, or specialize in eco-friendly housing.

You’ll be cementing long-term relationships with like-minded individuals.

82. Podcasts

Tim & Julie Harris have been running their real estate podcast for years, managing to exceed an audience of 100,000.

There is almost certainly room for a podcast in your market.  You can use the platform to impart your knowledge on a grand scale.

Look for guest podcasting opportunities (either on your show or someone else’s) and your audience will grow steadily over time.

83. Mobile (Text) Leads

You can text prospective home buyers in order to generate real estate leads.

This one can come off pretty spammy if you’re not careful though.

Here’s a nice guide to text messaging for agents.  

84. Lead Lists

Buying a lead list is a tough one because you have to be extra careful when purchasing leads.

Realize too, that any real estate leads list you generate personally will convert at a much higher rate, and with much less effort.

It can be useful to purchase a lead list in the early stages because organic lead generation takes time.

85. Forclosures & FSBO

If you cater to real estate investors you should be doing this anyways.  

Someone’s always looking for a deal, so why not bring the deal to the client?  

You can search for foreclosed homes and hook up with investors that may want to purchase the property in rather short order.

Learn how to find foreclosures from this article by The Balance.

86. Referrals (From Agents)

Reach out to agents in your brokerage or contacts you’ve made in the industry.

A personal recommendation goes a long way in business.

Referrals convert at a higher rate than other types of real estate leads, but they're tough to scale for obvious reasons.

87. Referrals (From Clients)

You should check in with your previous clients regardless.

If you did a really good job, and solidified an amicable relationship, then they’ll send referrals your way without having to ask for them.

Look at the chart below to see how many real estate leads your past clients could be sending you:

Lead generation through referrals

88. Renovation Companies

Renovations can mean dollar signs for Realtors.  

It's a signal that a client may be looking to move or list their home in the near future.  

Contact reno companies in your area and let them know you’re looking for real estate leads and would happily pay a referral fee.

Just be sure to check the legality of referral fees in your state or province first.

89. Multiple Service Offerings

If you offer more than one service you should actively promote them.

A lot of clients will take you on for one of your additional service offerings, and it's a good way to make more money in the long run.

Home staging is an excellent example of an additional service offering for agents.

90. Free Consultations

A free home consultation is the classic real estate marketing strategy. This can be a powerful tactic, but you don’t want to waste your time on client’s that aren’t very serious.

Free Home consultation

In order to avoid this (as much as possible) you should restrict the offer to individuals that are further down your sales funnel or have been longtime email subscribers.

91. Contact Builders

Reaching out to builders and developers could reward you with listing opportunities for new construction homes.  

Start reaching out now (use LinkedIn) and you may gain valuable contacts for the future.

Remember, your best bet is to offer your expertise free of charge.

92. Meetup Events

Meetup is a website dedicated to arranging real-life events among like-minded individuals.

These events are perfect for networking, especially if you’re new to the area.

You don’t want to go for the hard sell at a Meetup, but you can certainly cement relationships that will prove profitable in the future.

Get involved in the community

93. Hire a Marketer

A professional marketer can take your business to the next level.  Keep in mind, you don’t always need to hire in-house.  

There are likely several real estate marketing companies in your area, it’s always worth a call to feel them out.  

You might even learn a thing or two just by calling them.

94. Community Service

Build relationships

You never know who you might meet when you get involved in the community.

This is another tactic that will produce good faith and good real estate leads.

Donate your time and your skills and you will be well-rewarded.

95. Practice Your Sales Skills

If you’re working your butt off in the real estate marketing department, you might as well make the most of it.

By brushing up on your personal skills (think sales & negotiating) you can convert more real estate leads at a faster pace, thus increasing your bottom line.

96. Learn Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the way of the future.

If you plan on dominating within the next 5-10 years you have to immerse yourself in digital marketing strategies.

In fact, very few agents are knowledgeable in this department which means you have the ability to possess a massive competitive advantage.

Follow real estate blogs like: Inman, the Bigger Pockets Blog, & the Surge Blog to stay up to date.

97. Single-Property Websites

A single-property website can really make your listings stand out.single property website

However you should really only consider this for those truly exceptional listings.

Campaign Track lists the reasons why single-property sites sell homes.

98. A Better Brokerage

Sometimes, the best thing to do is find a better brokerage.

You should prioritize two things: mentorship & real estate leads provided (in that order).

If a brokerage trains you and provides access to an experienced agent, it’s a good sign. It’s even preferable to a brokerage that offers a larger commission split but no mentoring.

99. Virtual Reality Tours

This one is a bit costly, but certainly worth the investment for advertising luxury properties.

If you offer this as part of your service you can charge a premium too. Just remember that the costs add up.

Here’s an excellent post by ThinkMobiles on the cost to make a VR tour for real estate.

100. Google News

As long as you follow the quality guidelines, you can be considered to appear in the Google News feed.

Since real estate is a newsworthy topic, this can drive a ton of leads your way.

Once you’re ready go ahead and apply to become a Google News Publisher.

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